Adult Education
   The adult education progamme began in 1978, and because of experienced teachers, strict management and high quality teaching, we were awarded a trophy in the 1989 National P.E. Correspondence Teaching Evaluation, ^ The Advanced Unit for Adult Education in Higher Education  ̄ in 1992 by National Education Bureau, a prize for teaching quality in the 1996 national P.E. college Correspondence Teaching Evaluation. We recruit students in sports education, sports training, public utility
management, journalism, and traditional national sports. Our students have to take national adult education entrance exam to be registered, complete all the required courses and pass all the exams to obtain a national diploma. Adult education includes Department of sports education confirmed by Sichuan Higher Education Self-educate Exam Committee. Our students will be conferred bachelor's degree if they pass the foreign language exam and get good marks in other subjects.
Department introduction and study form Correspondence Teaching of Physical Education

  Objectives: To nurture P.E. teachers to master the basic theory, knowledge and skills of P.E. as well as the ability of research and practice; in order to teach P.E. and relevant courses, arrange after-school exercises, training, and competitions; who can undertake scientific research, management and guidance of P.E..

  Main Courses: Pedagogy, P.E. Basics, School P.E, P.E. Psychology, P.E. Measurement and Evaluation, Sports Anatomy, Sports Physiology, Sports Health Care, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Track & Field, Wushu, Swimming, Gymnastics.

Correspondence Teaching of Sports Training
     Objectives: To foster professionals to acquire both basic theories and practical skills in sports training through systematical study of basic theory and knowledge of competitive sports. After studying the basic theory, students have ability to do training in special fields.

  Main Courses: Sports Training, Sports Textbook- selection, Sports Psychology, Sports Anatomy, Sports Physiology, Sports Iatrology, The History of Athletic Games, Athletic History, Education & Sports Injuries and Prevention.

  Traditional National Sports courses: Pedagogy, Sports Theory, Basic Traditional National Sports, History of Chinese Wushu, Chinese Culture, Basic Wushu Theory, Traditional Theory of Health Care, Basic Herbal Medicine, Specialized Theory and Skills, Pedagogy, Sports Anatomy & Sports Psychology.

Correspondence Teaching of Public Utility Management (Sports Tourism-orientated)
   Objectives: To educate professionals to master the knowledge of modern managerial theory, technology and methods and have the ability to apply the knowledge to the management practice, especially in sports administration, sports industry development, sports marketing, teaching, and research.

  Main Courses: Foreign Languages, Principles of Management, Principles of Economics, Travel Economics, Finance Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Introduction to Sports Tourism, Travel Resources and Development, Travel Psychology, Basics of Health Fitness, Common Physical Injury and Prevention & Physical Theory and Practice.

  Objectives: To train professionals to master the complete theory in journalism and the basic skills needed in practice. The graduates of this department can work as sports journalists or sports editors. They are also expected to have extensive knowledge of culture and science and a deep understanding of sports, be familiar with our country's policies and regulations in journalism and propaganda.

  Main Courses: Foreign Languages, Practical Writing, Computer Basics, Mass Media, Sports Photography, TV Sports News Interviewing and Production, Sports News Management, Broadcast and TV Science, Sports Disseminator Psychology, Network News, Basics of Health Fitness Basics, Sports Theory and Practice

  Other Courses: Sports Journalism, Sports News Interviewing and Writing, Sports News Edition and Critics, TV Sports News Edition and Execution, Sports Photograph, Modern Chinese, Writing, Logics, Chinese Ancient Literature, Chinese Contemporary Literature, Foreign Literature, Journalism, The History of Chinese Journalism, News Edition and Critics, News Edition and Execution, Mass Promulgation, Journalist Management, Sports Advertisement, Public Relationship, PE Basics, Social Sports, Sports History, Sports Theory and Practice, Computer Science and Foreign Languages.