Research Institute
Rescarch Institute of Athletic History
     It is the only specialized research institute of athletic history, originating from the sports research lab in 1962. In 1986, with the agreement of the National Sports Committee £¬ the research institute of athletics history was set up and chosen as the key subject. Since its setup, it has its own feature in research and takes the lead in its department, and takes on national research items, editing ¡° Chinese lexicon ¡± (Sports Volume). Its editing of ¡° Chinese Sports Brachylogy General History ¡± is the key item of the National Social Science Foundation in 2003.
¡¡¡¡Our high level researchers are good at teaching and researching, including world-known specialists in athletic history, such as state faculty degree committee sports subject evaluation team caller, professor Li Jifang, Chinese athletic history specialist, professor Sun Zhongda, Dong Shiheng, Lu Junxiong, Liang Guanggui, Kuang Wennan, former State Faculty degree committee sports subject evaluation team caller, professor Zhou Xikuan. Teaching and research staff consist of doctors and masters, including 2 doctor tutors, 4 master tutors, 3 young teachers, who form a specialized academic team of professors, associate professors, lecturers, assistants. Now we choose Sports history and Olympic movement as our key direction.

¡¡¡¡The research institute of athletic history has an academic communication contract with Research institute of athletic history of Tsukuba University in Japan.

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Key Sport Social Sciences Research Foundation of the State Sport General Administration

       Set up as the key physical social sciences research foundation by the State Sport General Administration in March, 2002, our foundation chooses athletic history, Olympic, Western P.E., Sports theory as the key direction and set up college subjects, public foundation bidding subjects, subjects financed by Sichuan Sports Administration to form a multi-level research system. The foundation has ample finance resources,

personnel of high quality; about 63 full time and part time researchers (48 full time researchers, 76%), of which 20 are professors, 32%, 26 associate professors, 41%, 1 specialist from national social science foundation item evaluation team, 4 medical tutor in sports humanities. Since its establishment, research production is remarkable. We have taken on 5 national social science foundation items, including such key item ¡° Chinese Sports Brachylogy General History ¡± in 2003, 20 provincial items, all finished. We also published internal communication material ¡° Sports Social Science Research of China and Foreign Countries ¡± .

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Sports Hospital (Sports Injuries research center)
¡¡¡¡Related to sports medicine and established through the medical system of Professor Zheng Huaixian, the sports hospital (Physical Injuries Research Center) features healing sports injuries and recovering sports fatigue, which brings it high reputation home and abroad and makes it the key teaching and researching clinic and practice center. It is pointed as the provincial medicine insurance hospital to cure injured athletes and other patient. It also produces standard preparation and Zheng's herbal medicine.
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