Hang Kong Gang Campus
  The second campus of the Chengdu Sport University is approximately 1 kilometre from Chengdu International Airport, and roughly ten kilometers from the main campus, on the first ring road. It takes twenty minutes to get here by car. With a beautiful environment, the well-established Hang Kong Gang Campus (248 mu), including a 6000m2 gymnasium with training facilities for table tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton and billiards, as well as an all weather astro-turf ground track field, football field, tennis court, grass football field, and standard auditorium. There are modern teaching buildings equipped with multimedia classrooms, computer rooms, the largest aquatic sports center in south-west China as well as a sand beach volleyball field qualified for international game. The student boarding houses are well equipped and the large refectory can hold about 1000 students. At this present moment, there are 2000 students enrolled at Hang Kong Gang Campus.

   Contact at: 86/28/68104025