CSU Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes  for international students

1. Specialties

¡ñUndergraduate Specialties

¡ó Physical Education ¡ó Social Sports ¡ó Sports Training ¡ó Traditional National Sports ¡ó Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) (orthopedics orientated) ¡ó Human Science of Sports ¡ó Journalism (sports journalism orientated) ¡ó Public Utility Management(sports management orientated) ¡ó Economics (sports economy orientated) ¡ó English (sports English & foreign affairs orientated) ¡ó Tourism Management(sports tourism orientated) ¡ó Performing(body & action performance orientated) ¡ó Dancing(modern dancing & international-standard dancing orientated).

¡ñPostgraduate Specialties

¡ó Sports Humanities ¡ó Human Science of Sport ¡ó Sports Education and Training ¡ó National Traditional Sports ¡ó Sport Iatrology ¡ó Sino -Western Combined Clinic Science

2. Admission requirements

¡ñUndergraduate requirements

¡ó Possessing high school degree, under 28 old.

¡ó Good health, no infective disease.

¡ó Language requirements





£È£Ó£Ë£º£µ grade


£È£Ó£Ë£º£µ grade

Math exam

Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.)

£È£Ó£Ë£º£¶ grade

Human Science of Sports

£È£Ó£Ë£º£¶ grade

Other Specialties

£È£Ó£Ë£º£³ grade

¡ñPostgraduate requirements

¡ó Possessing bachelor degree( showing the original), recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors.

¡ó Taking and passing the test from CSU.

¡ó Good health, no infective disease.

¡ó Language requirements. Sino-Western Combined Clinic Science needs 6 grade, the other specialties need 5 grade.

3. registration and tuition fee

¡ñRegistration Fee 1500.00

¡ñUndergraduate fee, 20000RMB( Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) is 25000MB)

¡ñPostgraduate fee, 23000RMB( Sino-Western Combined Clinic Science is 26000RMB)

4. APPLICATION procedure and time

¡ñApplication for admission before Aug. 20 or Feb. 10 each year.

¡ñMore details from international students application procedure .