Faculty of Sports Medicine
 Brief Introduction
  The Faculty of Sports Medicine was founded in 1960 by Prof. Zheng Huaixian, the famous orthopedic specialist and Wushu expert. It is collected in ^ International Medical Education Directory  ̄ IMED as the only authorized sports medicine Faculty, both at home and abroad, to grant bachelor ' s and master ' s degree. It now has two specialties, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Human movement science, which is the training base of BA in Human movement science. A special reference library and more than 20 fully equipped laboratories for both teaching and scientific research. It also has a strong teaching ability with around 70 full-time teachers and more than 800 students now. Two courses of the Faculty, Sports Anatomy and Sports Biomechanics, are provincial key courses and Sports Health Science is provincial select course.

   Teachers in the Faculty have undertaken and accomplished decades of key national, provincial and ministerial scientific research items offered by the National Social Science Funds, the Ministry of Education, the State Sport General Administration, and Sichuan province. Many projects have been granted national or provincial prizes for teaching and science & technology progresses. Several teachers have been invited to go abroad to give lectures and have international academic exchanges. Many teachers of the Faculty have provided scientific and medical services for the national sports teams and have gained a fantastic reputation.

  Department  Traditonal Chinese Medicine(orthopedics orientated)
  The Department is the only medicine Department in the sports universities or colleges and it is also the first set orthopedics Department throughout the country.

  Objectives: To teach professionals who master Traditional Chinese Medicine and can combine western medicine to acquire the fundamental knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and systematically master the orthopedic theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The graduates of the Department can work as orthopedic doctors, herbalist doctors, physical therapy doctors or healing doctors in hospitals; work as researchers in sports medical institutions or as side doctors in professional sports teams, and work as P.E teachers in relevant universities or colleges.

  Key Subjects: Traditional Chinese Medicine

  Main Courses: Orthopedics, Chinese Orthopedics Acupuncture, Massage, Diagnostics, Pharmacology, Medicine, Sports Nutrition, Healing Science.


  Degrees: 5 years for undergraduate course

  A in Medicine

  Teaching Staff: There are more than 40 full-time teachers in the Department, 30 of them are professors and associate professors and many of them are well-known specialists in Orthopedics or Sports Iatrology. They have undertaken more than 70 provincial and ministerial research projects and been rewarded for outstanding achievement. The course has a leading position in such fields as prevention and therapy of sports injuries, applied research of T.C.M in sports, research in sports fatigue mechanism and the corresponding strategy, and the measurement and evaluation of the sports functions of human bodies. More than 10 monographs have been published.

  Human movement science
  Objectives: To educate professionals to master both the theoretic and the practical skills of human science, athletics trainings, healing science of sports. The graduates of the Department can work as scientific researchers or health care advisors in the institutions of sports science and civil habits investigation as well as in professional sports teams. They can also work as P.E teachers and psychological hygienists in schools.

  Key Subjects: Biology, Clinical Iatrology, Sports Science

  Main Courses: Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Sports Biomechanics, Diagnostics, Sports Nutrition, Sports Hygiene Science, Massage, Healing Science.

  Degrees: 4 years for undergraduate course

  BA in Pedagogy

  Teaching Staff: There are nearly 40 full-time teachers in the Department including 20 professors and associate professors.

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