Faculty of Wushu
  Brief Introduction
       Founded in 1989, Wushu Faculty is among the first of its kind in China.There are more than 30 full-time teachers and an enrollment of 500 students in the Faculty. As the national training base of Wushu, it offers a 4-year undergraduates course of Traditional National Sports. Students can gain conditional entry prior to the Entrance Examination. It has now one key subject of the State Sport General Administration
(Chinese Wushu) and one of the first provincial select courses ( ^ Wushu  ̄ ).
        The Faculty has achieved excellent performance and great progress in recent years. Some students especially the members of the Wushu forms and kick-boxing teams are of the top level in the country. They won the gold medals in the 52 Kg category at the 5th World Wushu Championship, the 60kg category at the 13th Asian Athletic Games, the 60 &50 kg category at the 4th and 5th Asian Wushu Championships, and the 1st Taiji International Tournament. They also won the championship in 75kg category at the well-known Chinese Kungfu v.s. American Boxing Match, the gold medals of three women-boxing in the 7th National Minority Contest. In the Wushu contest of national P.E. colleges, they performed well, with the highest number of gold medals as well as the top men ' s overall position. Several Wushu fans from more than ten countries and regions come and lecture or study. Meanwhile, many of the teachers and students have been abroad like USA, Great Britain, Austria, Japan, Egypt, Burma and Italy to give lectures in universities, be referees in international matches, and attend academic symposiums
  Traditional National Sports

  Objectives: To train professionals with basic knowledge and skills in the teaching, training, and researching of traditional national sports, to fit for jobs in the field of Wushu, traditional health care, and ethnic & folk sports.

  Orientations: Wushu forms, Kick-boxing

  Key Subjects: Sports science, History, TCM

  Main Courses: Basics of Traditional National Sports, History of Chinese Wushu, Chinese Culture, Wushu Theory, Traditional Theory of Health Care, T.C.M., Wushu Theory and Skill, Sports Physiology, Sports Anatomy & Sports Psychology.

  Degrees: 4 years for undergraduate course

      BA in Pedagogy

  Teaching Staff: There are about 10 professors and associate professors, about 10 referees at international or national level in the Faculty. Several staff occupies the standing committee of the national and provincial associations for individual disciplines. Some of them are famous experts with great reputation and some are vigorous gold medal winners. The Faculty has been quite successful in inheriting and developing traditional Chinese Wushu. The teachers of the Faculty have published more than 20 monographs and text books. Some teachers have participated in the compilation of such influential books as the Essence of Chinese Wushu, the List of Apparatus Applied in Chinese Wushu, the Chinese Wushu Dictionary, Chinese Kick-boxing, and the Chinese Encyclopedia (Sports Volume, Wushu). In addition, some teachers also won prizes granted by Wushu symposiums at both domestic and international levels. The textbook of Wushu for national P.E. college, which was compiled by the staff, twice winning the national universities award.

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