Faculty of Economics and Management
  Brief Introduction
  The Faculty originates from the Sports Social Science and Humanities Faculty founded in 2000. It offers a 4-year course to students who want to major in Economics, Public Utility Management, and Travel Management.

  Recently the faculty has undertaken and accomplished a series of state and provincial key scientific research subjects, published several textbooks, and gained a lot of ministerial and provincial prizes because of its achievement in teaching and social scientific research.

  Economics (sports economy orientated)
 Objectives: To train professionals to have strong foundation of economic theory and the principle of modern economics as well as apply the general methods of economic analysis, calculation, program and management in sports and economic administrations, sports clubs, and specialize in teaching and research of sports economy.

  Key Subjects: Economics, Statistics

Main Courses: Political Economy, Western Economics, International trade. Principle of Accounting and Statistic, Economics, International Laws, Marketing Banking, Finance, Developing Economics, History of Economic Theory, International Finance and Trade, Enterprise Management, Economics of Management Information Systems, Sports Economics, Development and Planning of Sports Marketing, Basics of P.E. Industry, Consumer action, Internet and E-business, Foreign languages, Theory and Practice of Athletics.   

  Degrees: 4 years for undergraduate course

      BA in Economics

  Teaching Staff: There are 11 professors and associate professors, and 19 lecturers who organize strong teaching, and research groups. The Department has great influence in Chinese Sports Economic areas.

Public Utility Management (Sports management oriented)

Objectives: To foster the professionals to master the knowledge of modern managerial theory, technology and methods and have the ability to apply the knowledge to the management practice, especially in sports administration, sports industry development, sports marketing, teaching, and research.

  Key Subjects: Public utility management, Sports science

  Main Courses: Principle of Management, Managerial Economics, Public Relations, Development and Management of Human Resources, Management of Quantitative Analysis, Application Statistics, Managerial Information Systems, Macro-economics, Micro-economics, Economics Law, Public Finance, Public Policy, Sports Social Science, Sports Management, Sports Industry Theory, Sports Economics, Sports Management, Computer Skills, Internet and E-business, Foreign Languages and Theory and Practice of Athletics.

  Degrees: 4 years for undergraduate course

      BA in Administration

  Teaching Staff: The Faculty has a strong teaching staff with reasonable structure. It has 10 professors and associate professors, as well as 20 lecturers who have a high standard of research ability and possess an abundance of teaching experience.

Sports Management (Sports tourism orientated)

Objectives: The Department was set up to meet the increasing needs of the combination of sports and tourism and thus to prepare individuals to acquire experts knowledge and skills of above two aspects. The graduates of this Department should be able to analyse guide, predict manage, sports tourism administration, travel agencies, travel industry sites and relevant hotels.

  Key Subjects: Economics, Business Management, Sports Science

  Main Courses: Principle of Management, Macro-economics, Micro-economics, Managerial Information Systems, Statistics, Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing, Economics Law, Introduction of Travel Theory, Travel Economics, Hotel Management, Travel Resource, Chinese Tourist Geography, Sports Management, Sports Traveling, Sports Industry Theory, Foreign Languages and the Theory and Practice of Athletics.

  Degrees: 4 years for undergraduate course

      BA in Administration

  Teaching Staff: The Faculty is staffed with 29 professors and associate professors including a number of well-known experts both at international and national level. They have a high standard of science research and abundant teaching experience.

   Contact at: 86/28/85093749 86/28/85095524