Faculty of Journalism
  The Faculty is one of the teaching organizations, which is engaged in Humanistic Sociology. It is well-known for its experienced teachers, a multitude of professional resources, well-equipped TV-teaching lab and advanced TV studio. The Sports News Media Center of National Sports Science Institution also is located in the Faculty.

  In recent years, the faculty has undertaken and accomplished a series of state and provincial key scientific research subjects, published several professional textbooks for sports journalism, and gained a lot of ministerial and provincial prizes because of its achievements in teaching and social scientific research.

Journalism (Sports journalism orientated)
      Objectives: To teach professionals to master the complete theory in journalism and the basic skills needed in practice. The graduates of the Department can work as sports journalists, sports editors and high-quality specialists in some related fields. They are also supposed to have extensive knowledge of culture and science and a deep understanding of sports in general as well as being familiar with our country ' s policies and regulations in journalism and propaganda.


    Key Subjects: Journalism and Mass Media, P.E. Science

  Main Courses: Sports Reporting, Sports News Interviewing and Writing, Sports News Editing and Comment, TV Sports News Interviewing and Production, Sports Photography, Modern Chinese, Compositions, Logistics, Chinese Ancient Literature, Chinese Contemporary Literature, Foreign Literature, Journalism Basics, History of Chinese Journalism, New Interviewing & Writing, Mass Media, Management of Journalism, Sports Advertising, Public Relations, Sports Science, Sports Sociology, the History of Athletics, Theory and Practice of Sports, Computer Skills & Foreign Languages.

  Degrees: 4 years for undergraduate course

      Bachelor of Arts

  Teaching Staff: The Faculty is staffed with experienced teachers, including 8 professors and associate professors and 18 lecturers. They have a high level of science research ability and decades of teaching experience.

   Contact at: 86/28/85052348