Faculty of Foreign Language
  Chengdu Sport University, originally run under General Administration of Sport is now administrated by the General Administration of Sport and Sichuan province government, which mainly relies on the management of Sichuan province. The former Chengdu Sport University was the Sichuan Standing Junior Sports College established in 1942, which was renamed as Chengdu Sport Polytechnic in 1950. Approved by the state council in 1953, Southwest Physical Culture Institute was set up and renamed as Chengdu Institute of Physical Education in February of 1956. It was then incorporated with Chongqing Physical Culture Institute in 1961. After several decades, our university has grown out to be a comprehensive higher learning institution, which focuses on 4-year higher education and postgraduate education.
  Founded in 2002, the Faculty of Foreign Language is now the teaching and research center of Sports English in Southwest China. The Faculty of Foreign languages applies modern teaching and research methods and a young teaching staff. It is in good cooperation with several foreign universities including De Montfort University, UK, Portsmouth University, UK, Indiana University, USA. The department has recruited a number of experienced personnel from the UK, USA and Canada to help with the demand for international exchange and cultural exchange.
  English (Sports English & Foreign Affairs orientated)
  Set for urgent need of Sports English professions, it is the first set Department in China.

  Objectives: To educate professionals who have solid foundation of both language skills and sports knowledge; who know much about international sports affairs as well as foreign affairs. The graduates of the Department can work as in a number of fields including translation, interpretation, research and education.

  Key Subjects: Foreign Language, Sports Science

  Main Courses: Integrated English, English Phonetics, English Reading Skills, Audio & Video English, Oral English, English Composition, Translation & Interpretation, Linguistics, Sports English, International Athletic Games, Foreign Sports Affairs, Foreign Affairs English, Business English, Western Culture, Negotiation, Sports Science, Chinese Sports and Foreign Affairs, Public Relationship & Sports Theory and Practice.

  Degrees: 4 years for undergraduate course

      Bachelor of Arts

  Teaching Staff: The Faculty is staffed with experienced teachers, including 10 professors and associate professors and 20 lecturers. They have high level of competency in science research techniques and are well experienced in teaching.

   Contact at: 86/28/85093984